Reducing Waste At School By Gardening

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In most schools, lunchtime primarily consists of a selection of prepackaged processed foods reheated and served to reluctant children. Even the developing taste buds of children can sense the highly salted but otherwise flavorless quality of school lunch foods. It’s no surprise that food waste is a huge issue in many school districts.

There is a way to reverse this trend, however. School gardens not only provide real world experience with the environment, but they also provide flavorful vegetables which are more likely to be Read the rest of this entry »


Green Your Home and Practice What You Teach

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Living green has become a goal for many schools that are now busy implementing going green programs. Kids, parents and teachers are all learning about how to go green in many areas of their local schools. To help the schools stay green, school administrative personnel should shop for green energy retailers in Texas by visiting www.texasenergycompanies.net. Below are some great ideas for going green at your school.

Grow a School Vegetable Garden – Many schools want their students involved in going green efforts. Learning how to grow a vegetable garden is one of the efforts many schools are implementing. The children can erect a nice landmark of a scarecrow in the middle of their garden ensuring that wild animals or birds do not destroy it. The schools can dedicate one special day to invite parents and grandparents over to see the fruits of their labor in their vegetable garden. Some schools encourage mom and dad to take a vegetable home for eating.

Recycling School Materials – When school starts a new year, kids usually get their parents to stock them up with school supplies. Some of these supplies are expensive, especially if you have more than one child at home. Instead of buying new supplies, why not use recycled materials? Schools today are promoting recycled material for creating art projects. There are several items you can find around the home such as magazines, toilet rolls, scraps of paper and old jelly jars you can use. All of these should be donated to use for school art projects.

Paper Collections – Along with using recycled materials for projects in school, the schools are promoting paper recycling as well. Just as an office building has bins for recycling; the school can have recycling depots in each classroom. Every month, a designated teacher and student can collect the papers from all the rooms and send them off to a paper recycling company. You might be surprised to see how much paper is used every single day at school that can be recycled.

There are many other ways we can educate our students about taking care of our environment. The kids enjoy having fun while helping to save our planet.


How To Implement A Zero-Waste Classroom

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Many classrooms are attempting to carry out a zero-waste program not only to teach students about the environment but also to save money. Zero-waste classrooms don’t just save the environment, they also allow teachers to reuse valuable materials in many ways to stretch the classroom’s supply budget.

Recycling everything is an excellent way to begin a zero-waste classroom. Used scraps of paper can later be use for art projects, packing material or other things. Plastics and metals that are discarded during lunch times and snack times can be Read the rest of this entry »


Should Your Classroom Recycle Or Upcycle?

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If people in your classroom practice recycling, they should practice upcycling as well. Upcycling is the task of transforming waste into useful items for the sake of conserving natural resources and preventing environmental degradation. Most recycling consists of upcycling already because the recyclers convert old possessions into new ones.

Environmentalists believe that used items can be reused in some way. Another benefit of upcycling is that many people are impressed by recycled materials. An upcycling business is usually a flourishing one that Read the rest of this entry »


How Do Your Students Define “Green?”

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Teachers and educators who are tasked with preparing the younger generation for the future would do well to teach them about the current energy and environmental crisis. With the potentially severe consequences that must be faced, this issue has the potential to define the 21st century. Teaching students how to be more green can both prepare them for the challenges that the future has in store for all of us as well as ensure that their efforts and contributions towards and long-term solution are able to be as effective as possible.

Overuse of conventional energy sources and fossil Read the rest of this entry »


What Does “Green” Mean To Your School?

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When faced with the task of bringing ‘green’ into a classroom, what usually first comes to mind is advocating paper conservation or heavy emphasis on recycling. What may not be often considered is confronting the questionable air quality lingering within a school building. Combined with the plethora of potentially harmful cleaning chemicals and computer radiation, it is important that children’s especially susceptible lungs are not under threat.

Reducing the usage of chemical-packed air fresheners and cleaning products is one simple solution. Instead, natural products such as vinegar Read the rest of this entry »


What School Supplies Are Recyclable In Your City?

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One thing that can certainly help reduce the carbon footprint of a city is making sure its schools are recycling everything they should. Below is a short list of school items that should certainly be recycled.

1. Used Papers

The amount of paper a public school goes through in a single day is certainly astounding. You will be saving more than one tree if all this paper was actually recycled.

2. Pencils and Pens

Similarly, used pencils can Read the rest of this entry »


Ways To Encourage Recycling In The Classroom

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During the school year, students will spend more waking hours in classrooms than their own homes. With so much time spent in school rooms with teachers and other students, important life lessons must be taught during this time. Recycling is one life lesson that teachers can help get children excited to participate in, building a habit that lasts a lifetime.

First, explain to the children what recycling is. Understanding what the word means can often help take away the barrier of confusion or uncertainty. Once children are familiar with the word, their interest in participation increase.

Secondly, provide Read the rest of this entry »